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March 15,1937
March 15,1937
This is the end for me. I am writing this, here in my Providence, Road Island home in candle light. They are coming for me. I do not have much time.
I see them passing my window every so often.  I am terrified.
I should explain a little, perhaps.
I am a writer of short horror stories. I have a small following that gives me just a miniscule taste of fame thanks to my stories being published in a short story anthology magazine.
I write about monsters and gods from the cosmos. I write about insanity due to experiencing the unfathomable.
Ever since I was a child I have had dreams of these creatures. The most prominent being ugly faceless winged beats I dubbed Nightgaunts. I used these dreams in my writing.
They weren’t just dreams though. Oh god forgive me. They were not dreams. I am not a religious man, but god forgive me.
They are real, and they come for me.  They made me a messenger, telling their tales. Making humankind aware of their existence, even if it only a sl
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Mature content
King/Soul: Extra Episode 2: Time Ravages Us All :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 0
The Dude at Otakon 2012 :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 2 4
Mature content
Moonlight Assassin: King/Soul Book 1 :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 0
Mature content
King/Soul: Extra Episode 1 :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 2 2
Mature content
Crows of Morrigan: Chapter 1 :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 0
Mature content
Crows of Morrigan: Prologue :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 0
Mature content
Pantheon Scramble Chapter 1 :iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 2 0
Mary, Gabriel's Guardian
Name: Mary Daniels
Age: 23
Race: Irish-African American
Gender: Female
Companion to: Gabriel
Animal Form: Crow
Appearance: [IMG][/IMG]
Clothing: Black Dresses of different styles
Talents: Information Gathering, fighting, Shape Shifting
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Drink:  Scotch
Weapons: Daggers
Personality: Suave, Beautiful, intelligent and ready to face any challenge. She can be playful but knows when to be serious. Intelligent to the point of genius. Can hide her true feelings pretty well most of the time.
History:  She does not talk about her past at all. She is a mystery.
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 0 10
Gabriel, Champion of Morrigan
Name: Gabriel Michaels
Age: 23
Race: Irish-American
Gender: Male
God: The Morrigan; Irish Goddess of Death and War
Appearance:  [IMG][/IMG]
Companian/ Love Interest: Mary
Clothes: Black suit, Fedora
Talents: Trumpet, singing, fist fighting, drinking, charm
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink:  Rum, Scotch, Beer.
Weapons of choice: Knives, Colt 1911 .45
Personality: Like the others he is a pure gentleman. He would be a ladies' man if he tried, but he is too honorable to play around. His friends are his family. He treats everyone equally and loves all music. Usually upbeat but known to become angry especially when it involves his family or a woman. He is chivalrous to a fault.
History/ Bio: Orphaned at a young age. Met his lifelong friends a few years later. He was one of the main architects of the band and gang.
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 6
Her Valiant Gawain Chapter 2
Her Valiant Gawain
Part 2: Seeping Beauty on Thursday

It was later that night when Orihime finally found rest in Uryu's strong arms. He was about to drift himself, when his radio turned on as it usually did at One AM. It was the song that played that kept him awake.
I believe I can cure it all for you, dear
Coax or trick or drive or
drag the demons from you
Make it right for you sleeping beauty
Truly thought
I can magically heal you
You're far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to rescue
Sleeping Beauty
Drunk on ego
Truly thought I could make it right
If I kissed you one more time to
Help you face the nightmare
But you're far too poisoned for me
Such a fool to think that I can wake you from your slumber
That I could actually heal you..
Sleeping Beauty
Poisoned and hopeless
You're far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to find a way to comfort you
Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
And hiding from some poisoned
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 3 3
Sengoku Gaijin
Chapter 1: Oda Nobunaga
I am sitting on my knees, below a man who towers above all others. He is not a tall man, nor is he wide. It is his presence and his stare that make him transcend all others. He is Oda Nobunaga, the warlord who rules Owari province among others. He is a man of mid-age, possibly in his thirties or so. He wears his black hair in a shogun topknot, in which the hair is tied back to look like it is exploding. He has a thin mustache and keeps his beard small and thin, almost like a goatee. He looks down upon me with interest. He says something that I can't understand.  I pick out the word 'Gaijin" and sigh. Gaijin is Japanese for Foreigner. It was not an insult, just a statement of fact.
I bow my head in respect and try to speak Japanese as best I can. It sounded similar to"Lord Oda , I am honored to be in your presence. I am ronin from land far west."
Nobunaga asked my name. Shit. I can't give him my real name. Just in case it screws up time o
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King Soldier
The Records of the Supernatural during World War 2
It has been five years since the end of Ragnorok, in which the world nearly ended by the insane whim of a few Gods and Lucifer. If not for the brave men and women both Supernatural and Human whom worked for the now not so secret Government organization known as KING/SWORD. They  saved the world. Afterwards, new proof came to life about the Supernatural. In fact, everything humankind has ever thought of, be it Gods, Demons, Monsters, Spirits, The Fae; all are real. It would have been harder to believe if Ragnorok had not occurred.
In light of this new astounding knowledge, I had an epiphany. What was the secret history of these Supernatural men and women of KING/SWORD?  After much thought, I decided to begin with the Second World War….
These interviews and stories are not meant to undermine the sacrifices of the brave soldiers who fought and died for the defeat of evil, only to tell the whole story
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 0 0
Her Valiant Gawain
Another try at a Fanfic. Though my grammar has not gotten much better, I am sure my style and vocabulary have improved more than slight. This is a purely IshiHime Fanfic. This idea came about after much other IshiHime fanfic reading. Uryu is always the Knight. When I think of a Knight of ladies, I look no farther than Sir Gawain of the Knights of the Round Table.
Enjoy. I do not own Bleach or its characters
Dedicated to Debbiechan, whom showed me the awesomeness of IshiHime. Happy long belated Birthday, Debbie!
Her Valiant Gawain

Ishida Uryu never liked swinging a sword like a barbarian thug. He was not Kurosaki Ichigo, after all. That said, however, he could not help but feel proud when he swung his Seele Schneider for her. He was her knight. Her warrior prince.  He was Princess Inoue Orihime's Valiant Gawain.
It was four months after the Winter War when Orihime received Uryu's love confession. In her own way she declined him. She tried not to hurt his feelings, but s
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 5 9
Jesse the Miko
Name: Jesse Kain
Alias:  Miko
Other Names/Nick Names: Priestess of Summons
Gender: Female
Race: Human , Dutch-American
Age: 15
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Appearance (may link to a  picture):
Personality: A perfectionist, she wants everything she makes to be perfect. She is a natural born artist, but does not gloat about it. She likes to draw, paint, laugh and listen to music while she works. She is usually a happy girl, but Hades hath no fury like Jesse Kain pissed off.  "The Who" is her favorite band, she listens to their "Quadrophenia" album ritually.
Powers: Whatever she writes in Japanese or Chinese comes into being. Small, simple objects can last forever, while more complex things do not last long.
Weapons:  Paper and pencil, Brush, ink and parchment.
Other Accessories/Markings: Kanji for "Shrine Priestess" is tattooed on her right hand and "Word Mage" tattooed in Ch
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 1 1
Zhuge ji, the Waking Dragon
Name:  James Fu Long
Alias: The Waking Dragon; Zhuge Ji
Other Names/Nick Names:  The Waking Dragon, Zhuge Jiang,
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Half Chinese Half Irish
Age: 16
Eye Color: Jade
Hair Color: Black
Appearance (may link to a  picture): (Costume only)
Personality: Intelligent and elegant, He is a natural born strategist. He is always calm and collected. He is slightly more inclined to heroic tendencies than his comrades, but he is still extremely loyal to his friends. He is warm hearted and chivalrous, only fighting women if he knows they can properly defend themselves. He has a goo
d sense of Humor.
Powers: Illusions, Slight premonitions (Can see three moves ahead)
Weapons:  Crane Feather Fan, Chinese Jian Sword, Sun Tzu's " The Art of War" and Miyamoto Musashi's "The Book of Five Rings"
Other Accessories/Markings:
Strengths:  Can read Nature, Weat
:iconsean-hiruki:Sean-Hiruki 4 0


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  • Listening to: Deep Purple and The Megas
  • Reading: Ghost Sweeper Mikami
  • Watching: Reign of Assassins
  • Playing: Warriors Orochi 3
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
That is right! My sixth year going to Otakon and I will finally have a Cosplay! It is a real simple one, so do not get excited. I will be going as The Dude from The Big Lebowski (The greatest Anime character of all time as the mighty Mike Toole told me). I will be their the whole weekend starting Thursday. If anyone wants to hang out just give me your info and so on. We can set something off. I will most likely be hanging around with the Podcasters from Anime World Order and so on.
And if you see a gent dressed in sunglasses and a bathrobe than that is most likely me! Feel free to say hey!


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Sean Cummings
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a writer and a podcaster. An anime fan and a gamer. I love blues, rock, metal and prog metal.



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